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Written on 12:34 AM by Switch

I believe u guys were expecting some new home business or ways to earn money online to even ways to get more leads.. well sorry wont be discussing it today.. for toay i will start off with .........

Hey guys sorry for lack of updates about my activity lately.. its been very tiring and stuff.. Well on Friday i got like the biggest shock. My incharge told me take i could work from home cause of my inconvenience to walk. Wow it cant be true. "So Good he is" i thought in yoda LOL.....

Well i know 1 of the reason.. he wanted me to spend time on an application he so dearly wants that is like taking so long and yet has come out. So by doing this he allows me to stay at home yet have his program done.. Something like a win-win..

I dont know how much of that is true but will wait for the next week to see if it turns out true.

Later and take care

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