My leave today


Written on 7:50 AM by Switch

Hey hey .. its morning .. i know the monday blues and stuff. Woke up today extremely early. And some people are wondering why i am not at work or What..

Well see my title My Leave. Today i took urgent leave so as to go see doctor. I dun know not everyone replies when i said that i taking leave today lol. Ahh i guess this is what office friendships are as reported in the newspaper today. Not many can be your friends and are quite hard to maintain one esp when we are pit against each other for raise in pay, promotion etc. Well thats just my view anyway..

TRUE FRIENDS will stick through thick and thin. Well i can say My Bro Jonny has been with my for 6 years now. We have my fought over many small issues but now we are still best of buds.

Me and Signing off for the morning.


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