Well Today is the Last


Written on 11:10 AM by Switch

Omgg All i can say today is the last day of my long mc.
Some of my friends say i am dumb going for so many operations and stuff but well its better to get it fix up now when i am younger then when i get so old and hardly more right.

How i wish the docs would give a longer mc period for a meniscus repair. It looks so painful with the scar now thats on my leg. Taking in to consideration that i cut out a piece of bone in my leg as well.

Let me just run u through the first few weeks. It was extremely painful. Going to the restroom and showering prove the biggest hurdle. I had to get alot of help. Well next came physio. The therapist at the hospital were very nice. BUT the training session were more then i can bargain for. Well but grilling at it for say 7 weeks has improved my condition alot.

Well after seeing the doc and he forcefully said that i am recovering well and brushing aside my request of having another scan to put my mind at ease. He told me to take out the brace + clutches and go on normally. THANKS to him and I do mean THANKS.. i managed to sprain my knee on the area of my operation. THANKS Doc.

Well i am just leaving it at that. Will be seeing him tomorrow.


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