Bastard He Is


Written on 6:29 PM by Switch

Well today i went off to work. Took a cab though.. walking to much isnt really easy for me. Was in a ok mood today. Nothing really special. Meet some of my work friends there. Chit chat for a while then headed off back to work.

Man then this guy knowing fully well of my condition, btw hes some nobody asking me do this do that that requires so much movement... *Bastard* he is. ( copied yoda's style ) But its still ok cuz well i am at work. But THE THING is why he is so "Bastard he is".. Right after my operation with my leg all bloody and stuff instead of calling and asking how i am, he ask me come to work and help him do stuff... I MEAN LIKE HELLO ASS , I JUST GOT MY BODY CUTTED.

Today he even asked me to come back on sunday to help him with stuff.. AHHHHHHH cant take it will stop here need to go put my head in the freezer for cooling down.


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